Focus Areas

our work manifests in three ways:

  • building capacity in existing programs through partnerships

  • community engagement to amplify the voices of immigrants in pittsburgh and connect community members to resources

  • and advancing institutional fluency to create more equitable systems for our region’s residents.

Through partnerships with subject-matter experts, we are working to upskill un/underemployed immigrants, increase connections to open doors for foreign-born professionals, and create less insular workforce systems. We recognize Pittsburgh’s growing global community necessitates building systems that provide accessible and culturally relevant toolkits, networks and best practices. Our metrics place value in creating purposeful and sustainable paths towards career advancement

All for All creates opportunities for intentional conversations to create new networks, reveal inter-dependencies and highlight the strengths of immigrant communities. Our model encourages individuals to challenge their preconceived notions and discover something new. Change occurs in interaction, and not in isolation.

We collaborate with community partners to understand the challenges our immigrant community partners face, and work to create systems that eliminate barriers. Our approach works with providers and institutions to understand how they can better facilitate and amplify regional investments in immigrant communities.