Municipal Engagement

All for All aims to engage regional local governments in welcoming work through programming and training from regional as well as national experts and peer learning. Participants are recognized for actions they take to advance immigrant inclusion in their communities.


Engaging local leaders:

Throughout 2019 and 2020, All for All is hosting a series of events for municipal leaders that will help them learn best practices in serving immigrant constituents.



Webinar (date TBD):

Hear a diverse panel of experts from around the country discuss what it means to build a welcoming community for immigrant and refugee residents. Topics will include incentives for welcoming, and the basics of developing a multi-sector Welcoming Plan. This professional development opportunity for municipal personnel and officials will help municipalities develop a written inclusion policy.

Training (Date TBD):

All for All is partnering with Welcoming America to provide an in-depth training for regional municipalities on what policies and practices local government can implement to make our communities more welcoming and inclusive. Welcoming America has created the Welcoming Standard to outline the core of what it means for a community to be welcoming. This training will assume that you know the why, the how, and the who of your multi-sector Welcoming Plan and will explore how to utilize the Welcoming Standard as a roadmap for the process and explore the needs specific to your community as they relate to the Welcoming Standard. Participants will be challenged to engage with one another in thoughtful activities that will prepare them to organize a plan around the Welcoming Standard and consider how their plan might prepare their community for Certified Welcoming.


Fireside Chat (June 2019)

On Friday, June 14th approximately 20 local elected officials and their staffers joined us to listen in and contribute to a conversation featuring Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto and Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio. Dayton has been a leader in welcoming work, as it was the first city in the country to achieve Certified Welcoming status under Welcoming America's Welcoming Standard. This event is part of a series intended to engage local elected officials on the needs of immigrant communities and help them work to best support new Americans in their communities. More to come this fall!

Language Access Training (January 2019):

Global Wordsmiths and All for All held a Language Access Training for municipal leaders as part of the Jefferson Regional Community Collaborative Language Access Initiative. The initiative aims to make our region a more accessible place for immigrants and refugees who are learning English.
Participating municipalities learned how to appropriately and effectively use an interpreter. They will get support from Global Wordsmiths to create a language access plan and receive discounted interpretation and translation services for two years.