Community Engagement

Inspiring cultural exchange through the arts, civic initiatives, and education.


All for All summit

Our All for All Summit is an annual, day-long, interactive gathering on the role of immigrants in entrepreneurship and the local economy, as well as the intersection of immigrant inclusion with local politics, the arts, and more.


from other to us

From Other To Us is a community dinner series aimed at bringing together immigrant communities and their native-born neighbors through food and discussion. Attendees cook and prepare a meal with dishes originating from a specific community. Participants learn from each other through sharing the act of preparing food, and are able to connect as we sit down together to enjoy the food we prepare.

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our pgh

OurPGH is a partnership project of All for All and For Good PGH, connecting immigrant communities with U.S.-born Pittsburghers through a series of events at local community assets including public spaces, community-based organizations, and to cultural hubs.