Pittsburgh Connector Program

The Pittsburgh Connector Program grows networks and addresses workforce needs by connecting immigrants with established professionals in the Region.

How it works

The Connector Program uses a simple but effective process. The Connector meets with the participant for 30-40 minutes. After the meeting, the Connector makes an email introduction between the Connectee and three other contacts. Each of those three contacts then introduces the Connectee to at least three more professionals in their field of interest. From here, a participant’s basic network is expanded through one-on-one meetings and opportunities are formed. Connectors have access to great talent and help form a more welcoming community.


connectors are pittsburghers.

They own businesses, work for nonprofits, and are community leaders. They want to help new Americans make connections so they can feel at home and succeed in Pittsburgh.



Connectees are new Americans, immigrants, and refugees. They have professional experience and valuable skills, but do not have the networks to jump into an established career. They are looking for doors to open in the Pittsburgh area.

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