Institutional Fluency

Cultivating inclusive practices and awareness in regional institutions.


professional learning community for esl teachers

Our PLC (Professional Learning community) for English as a Second Language (ESL) Teachers facilitates a community of teachers working to build more welcoming schools, forge alliances to support their work, and address the distinct issues their students face.


Municipal Engagement

All for All aims to engage regional local governments in welcoming work. Through participation in our events and trainings, municipalities gain resources and consultation from the All for All team as well as national organizations such as Welcoming America. Participants are recognized for actions they take to advance immigrant inclusion in their communities.


food entrepreneur & small business report

All for All interviewed 40 immigrant small business owners about their experiences becoming entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh region, and synthesized the findings in our All for All Food Entrepreneur & Small Business Report. The recommendations presented in this report come from the stories we gathered, and aim to make entrepreneurship more attainable for aspiring and established immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners, so that they can continue to make valuable contributions to the Pittsburgh region.


quarterly health meetings

Once a quarter, All for All hosts meetings for immigrant community stakeholders to meet with representatives from the Allegheny County Health Department, the Department of Human Services, and other health and safety providers.