Our Mission

All for All connects people, organizations, and communities to actions that build a welcoming and inclusive region for all. Driven by collaboration with community and cross-sector partners, All for All aims to advance economic opportunity, break down barriers, and further immigrant inclusion across the Pittsburgh region. All for All is guided by the Immigrant Community Blueprint, a comprehensive community-designed plan for Allegheny County.

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Our History

All for All is a project of Change Agency, a social impact organization founded in 2016 with the mission of advancing civic initiatives that support community change. Our work is centered in changing agency to be more inclusive of underrepresented voices in spaces where they are often left out.



Our immigrant inclusion efforts span the Greater Pittsburgh region.

HOW WE Operate:

  1. Community Engagement: Inspiring cultural exchange through the arts, civic initiatives, and education.

  2. Institutional Fluency: Cultivating inclusive practices and awareness in regional institutions.

  3. Building Capacity: Establishing targeted partnerships to increase reach and impact of services.

what guides our work:

Our work is guided by the set of actions outlined in the Immigrant Community Blueprint, a set of strategic priorities and plans for Allegheny County.

This document was developed through broad community participation and designed to help immigrants thrive in Allegheny County. Building on existing efforts to welcome and support immigrants, it was created in collaboration with 173 local residents, including 88 immigrants and leaders from government, education, health, community development, philanthropy, social services and economic development.


Where we’re going…

“This is what we need to do so that eventually we get to be, not the city that Pittsburgh used to be because that's not coming back, but the city that Pittsburgh can be.”

— Angélica Ocampo, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh President + CEO & All for All Steering Committee Co-Chair