Our PLC (Professional Learning community) for english as a second language (ESL) teachers facilitates a community of teachers working to build more welcoming schools, forge alliances to support their work, and address the distinct issues their students face.

I just want to take a moment to say that the All for All Professional Learning Community gives. me. life… Our monthly sessions keep me inspired and excited and I want to say that, even if you don’t realize it, events like the one last night are in part inspired by your dedication.
— Nichole Rojas, ESL K-12 Program Specialist at Moon Area School District

the program

The All for All Professional Learning Community (PLC) is an annual program that brings together a cohort of ESL teachers once a month during the school year to share ideas and resources and learn about the rights and needs of English Language Learners (ELs) across the region. The program helps amplify actions, resources, and best practices for ELs. Over the course of the school year, the cohort of ESL teachers participates in a wide range of workshops from local and national leaders in immigrant inclusion, EL teaching, and more. Teachers also conduct action research projects in pairs or small teams, generating tools and resources to drive professional development in the sector. Regular meetings allow professionals to work together toward removing barriers to student success and improving education practices for immigrant and refugee students.

We have thus far held two cohorts. For more information about participation and future opportunities, get in touch.

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why we do it

The idea for a community of practice came about while talking with teachers, youth, and education advocates. There was a shared concern that ESL teachers feel like they are ‘on an island.’ Past participants say that the program built a community of teachers where previously they felt a lack of resources for them and their students.


the outcome

Participants learn about local immigrant-focused organizations and resources for K-12 teachers, students, and families in the area, as well as receive training on how to build more welcoming schools, forge alliances to support their work, and address the distinct issues they face. Participants also complete an ‘action research project,’ which aims to address an issue they are seeing in their school or work towards a more welcoming environment for English Language Learners.